They Look Beautiful on My Bathroom Window

I looked into acquiring plantation shutters because I have what you could call a problematic bathroom window. It’s not a situation where it is at ground level and people are looking in when I am in my bath or shower, but rather the window is placed very high. It’s close to the ceiling, actually, and it’s always been a pain to get up there to open and close the blinds. We used to have this stick thing that would snap into the blind and then you could twist and open them, but it was a such a pain to use.

Then we lost the stick and any attempt to open or close them involved a step ladder and it became quite a dangerous task to attempt. When I finally fell trying to do it and cracked a couple of ribs on the edge of the bathtub, that’s when I put my foot down and told my husband that we simply had to come up with a better solution to this problem. One of us was probably going to die trying to manage these stupid blinds. We got online and resolved to find a better solution.

We found a site that talked a lot about plantation shutters. They’re great for letting in or keeping out sunlight, but even better they’re easier to open and close thanks to the fact that they’re motorized. The place we contacted said they put these things in all the time around the area and people use a switch to simply open or close the shutters. That certainly sounded great to us! We got a nice color and they installed them for us and now it’s such an easy process to just open and close them. No more falls and no more cracked ribs or even worse injuries!