Replacement After Decades of Service

The window shutters that were in my home were part of the home since the day I bought it. I bought the home over 40 years ago. That was quite a decade, filled with a lot of good times and partying. It seemed like every other week, I would have my friends and family come over and we would eat food and dance to the newest music at the time. As I got older, I invited people over less, and spent more of my time at home reading books and listening to quieter music. In all of those years, the shutters have stood there and seen and heard it all.

Those shutters had seen better days, and I decided that it was time to finally retire them. They served their purpose well, but they were really outdated and needed to be replaced with something a little more modern. I did some shutter shopping online and came across a company that had just what I needed. Not only did this company sell the shutters to me, but they agreed to install the shutters, which was a huge bonus for me. I was far too old to be installing my own shutters. Well, maybe not that old, but I had no desire to do it.

Before I could even tell the full story on my shutters, they were practically installed, and I thanked the installation crew for doing it. The new shutters looked great, and I couldn’t help but break them in the only way I knew how. I pulled out my old record player and dug through some of the old records that I had sitting in a box. I pulled out one that had a nice song for dancing, put it on, and danced for a full hour in front of the shutters.